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  1. NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns to Earth after One-Year Mission

    1 year ago |281 views

    2016-03-03 - After spending 340 consecutive days in space, NASA

    astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth. Kelly landed safely in Kazakhstan...


  2. Astronaut Health: The Dangers of Space Weather

    2 years ago |187 views

    2015-07-04 - Neutron radiation released by severe solar storms can be risky for astronauts living aboard the International Space Station (ISS)...

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  3. Chris Hadfield Returns to Earth

    4 years ago |9,482 views

    2013-05-14 - After five months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield and his Expedition 34/35 crewmates...

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  4. Event - Mission Expedition 34/35 Launch with astronaut Chris Hadfield

    4 years ago |126 views

    2012-12-19 - The CSA celebrated the launch of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to the International Space Station during a media event hosted...

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  5. Chris Hadfield: The Soyuz Experience

    4 years ago |206 views

    2012-12-16 - CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield describes in vivid detail what it feels like to launch aboard a Soyuz rocket. His appointment with...

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  6. Hadfield Wears the Right (Russian) Stuff

    5 years ago |82 views

    2012-06-27 - CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield drops in to "Zvezda" in Russia to try on the Sokol space suits and equipment he'll wear for his...

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  7. Computer animation showing the sequences of a Soyuz landing

    5 years ago |80 views

    2012-05-25 - Computer animation showing the sequences of a Soyuz landing, which includes the undocking from the International Space Station;...

  8. Robert Thirsk's landing in Kazakhstan

    5 years ago |119 views

    2009-12-01 - Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Robert Thirsk, aboard the Soyuz TMA-15 along with Expedition 20/21 crewmates European Space Agency...

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  9. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield trains in a Soyuz Simulator in Star City, Russia

    5 years ago |70 views

    2012-02-03 - Follow Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as he explains Soyuz training in Star City, Russia, during a simulator run with his...

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  10. Tracking the Soyuz and the ISS

    6 years ago |99 views

    2011-03-17 - How and why do we track spacecrafts? Chris Hadfield explains.

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