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  1. Coming up in 2018 for the Canadian Space Agency

    5 days ago |8 views

    2018-01-17 - Five key space projects that will make 2018 a year to remember for the Canadian Space Agency.


  2. What is a gravity assist?

    4 months ago |163 views

    2017-09-21 - Did you know that a spacecraft can use a planet’s gravity to change its orbit?

    For example, on September 22, 2017,...

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  3. OSIRIS-REx Tech: Mapping an Asteroid with Lasers

    1 year ago |64 views

    2016-11-14 - Tim Haltigin, Canadian Mission Manager at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), provides an overview of OSIRIS-REx, a NASA-led mission...

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  4. Why go to Bennu?

    1 year ago |79 views

    2016-08-25 - OSIRIS-REx presents a new 321Science video about choosing a target asteroid for this sample return mission. This video explores...

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  5. Where did asteroid Bennu come from?

    1 year ago |85 views

    2016-08-25 - Will it hit the Earth someday? OSIRIS-REx presents a video that explores Bennu's past.

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  6. What is the Yarkovsky Effect?

    1 year ago |120 views

    2016-08-25 - OSIRIS-REx presents the new 321Science video about how sunlight can affect the orbits of small asteroids. This video explores...

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  7. Animation of the launch of an Atlas V rocket

    1 year ago |178 views

    2016-08-25 - This animation shows how the Atlas V will launch, from ignition and lift-off, to the rocket leaving Earth, the separation of...

  8. OSIRIS-REx Mission Animation

    1 year ago |917 views

    2016-08-15 - This animation provides an overview of how the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will study the asteroid Bennu, collect a sample and return...


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