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  1. A shout out to the CSA from NASA astronauts during a spacewalk

    11 months ago |374 views

    2017-02-17 - During their spacewalk on January 6, 2017, NASA astronauts thanked the Canadian Space Agency for Dextre’s major robotic...

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  2. Dextre performs marathon battery replacement operations on the International Space Station

    1 year ago |256 views

    2016-12-13 - In the most intensive robotics operation to date, this animation shows how Dextre, the Canadian Space Agency’s robotic...

  3. Dextre tests NASA's International Space Station Robotic External Leak Locator (IRELL)

    1 year ago |2,288 views

    2016-11-25 - While riding on the end of Canadarm2, Dextre will be moved to various locations on the exterior of the International Space Station,...

  4. Dextre helps astronauts install a docking adaptor on the ISS

    1 year ago |468 views

    2016-08-16 - This computer-generated animation shows Dextre picking up an International Docking Adaptor (IDA) from Space-X Dragon’s...

  5. DEXTRE watches the Super Bowl from the ISS

    1 year ago |78 views

    2016-02-07 – Dextre pays tribute to Super Bowl 50 by transforming into a referee.

    Learn more about Dextre, the ISS’s...

  6. Ask-an-expert - CSA Engineer Answers Fan Questions about New Vision System for the ISS

    2 years ago |236 views

    2016-01-15 - Last week, our fans asked us some great questions about Dextre’s new vision system to inspect the International Space Station....

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  7. New vision system to support the inspection and maintenance of the ISS

    2 years ago |48 views

    2016-01-07 - The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has commissioned the design of an advanced vision system for Dextre, the International Space Station's...

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  8. Dextre changes a pump on the International Space Station

    2 years ago |3,658 views

    2015-03-06 - This computer-generated animation shows Dextre removing a failed ammonia pump, picking up a fresh spare, moving the latter to...

  9. Dextre lets CATS out of the bag on the Space Station

    3 years ago |1,873 views

    2015-01-20 - This animation shows how Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman on board the International Space Station, will remove the...

  10. Canadian Space Technology to Help Sick Children

    3 years ago |9,501 views

    2015-01-22 - Researchers at the SickKids Hospital Centre for Image-Guided Innovation & Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI) in Toronto, Canada,...

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