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  1. Chris Hadfield demonstrates how astronauts wash their hands in zero-g

    4 years ago |20,169 views

    2013-01-30 - During a video link with His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, who was accompanied...

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  2. Chris Hadfield - Nail Clipping in Space

    4 years ago |12,562 views

    2013-01-11 - CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how the crew of the International Space Station clip their nails in space.

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  3. Meet Canadian astronaut Jennifer “Jenni” Sidey

    5 months ago |11,580 views

    2017-07-01 - Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Jennifer “Jenni” Sidey worked as a mechanical engineer, a combustion...

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  4. Chris Hadfied at the International Space Salon

    4 years ago |10,895 views

    2013-03-08 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield filmed a recent "clip and buzz" in the weightless environment of the ISS: International Space...

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  5. Chris Hadfield Returns to Earth

    4 years ago |9,489 views

    2013-05-14 - After five months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield and his Expedition 34/35 crewmates...

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  6. Canadian Space Technology to Help Sick Children

    2 years ago |9,202 views

    2015-01-22 - Researchers at the SickKids Hospital Centre for Image-Guided Innovation & Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI) in Toronto, Canada,...

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  7. RADARSAT-2: Keeping an eye on Earth

    3 years ago |7,998 views

    2014-10-03 - Capable of scanning the Earth at all times, day or night through any weather conditions, RADARSAT 2 has typically acquired more...

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  8. Canadian Space technology helps breast cancer patients

    3 years ago |7,690 views

    2014-10-01 - The technology and expertise developed to build the first Canadarm not only paved the way for its descendants, Canadarm2 and...

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  9. Spacesuit Waltz on the ISS

    4 years ago |7,628 views

    2013-04-03 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield stows spacesuits into the Station's airlock where they will be checked for any possible wear...

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  10. From Sky to Space

    4 years ago |6,089 views

    2013-12-17 - How do you prepare astronauts for the unknown? You put them in as many challenging situations as you can. On the 110th anniversary...

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