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  1. Food for thought: Let's talk Tomatosphere™ with astronaut Thomas Pesquet

    7 months ago |1,962 views

    2017-03-21 - In this video about the Tomatosphere™ educational project, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet explains...

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  2. Astronauts wanted – Episode 3: Under Pressure

    6 months ago |1,911 views

    2017-04-07 - For the fourth time in its history, Canada has found exceptional people ready to push the boundaries of science, innovation and...

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  3. Dextre tests NASA's International Space Station Robotic External Leak Locator (IRELL)

    10 months ago |1,871 views

    2016-11-25 - While riding on the end of Canadarm2, Dextre will be moved to various locations on the exterior of the International Space Station,...

  4. Dextre lets CATS out of the bag on the Space Station

    2 years ago |1,865 views

    2015-01-20 - This animation shows how Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman on board the International Space Station, will remove the...

  5. Dragon's Delivery: Canadarm2 unpacks the capsule's cargo

    4 years ago |1,757 views

    2013-03-01 - Ground operators at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston and Canadian Space Agency headquarters in St-Hubert, Quebec, use Canadarm2...

  6. Chris Hadfield on how eyesight is affected in space

    4 years ago |1,755 views

    2013-04-09 - To better understand how vision is impacted in the space environment, astronauts use onboard medical instruments like the tonometer...

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  7. Chris' Kitchen: Dessert in Space

    4 years ago |1,697 views

    2013-04-29 - Commander Chris Hadfield shares an astronaut's dessert with us. On the menu is floating chocolate pudding cake and coffee—served...

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  8. The Five (Main) Senses in Space: Sight

    4 years ago |1,633 views

    2013-05-07 - Flattened eyeballs? Random flashes of light? CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how vision is altered during spaceflight....

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  9. Hadfield behind the controls of Canadarm2

    4 years ago |1,603 views

    2013-03-03 - As the crew of Expedition 34 prepare for rendezvous with SpaceX's Dragon, Chris Hadfield takes us to the Robotic Workstation...

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