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  1. May the 4th Be With You!

    2 years ago |111 views

    2015-05-04 - When CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visited Byron Northview Public School in London, Ontario, last month, he was welcomed like a...

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  2. CSA Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Inspires Students

    2 years ago |368 views

    2015-05-01 - Our Canadian astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques are our best and most visible ambassadors. David recently spoke...

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  3. Dextre changes a pump on the International Space Station

    2 years ago |3,651 views

    2015-03-06 - This computer-generated animation shows Dextre removing a failed ammonia pump, picking up a fresh spare, moving the latter to...

  4. Dextre lets CATS out of the bag on the Space Station

    2 years ago |1,872 views

    2015-01-20 - This animation shows how Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman on board the International Space Station, will remove the...

  5. Canadian Astronauts Hansen and Saint-Jacques Celebrate National S&T Week 2014

    3 years ago |166 views

    2014-10-17 - Hey! Canada! Let's do a science!

    Canadian Space Agency astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques invite you...

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  6. Meet Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques

    3 years ago |3,216 views

    2014-05-13 - As a kid, David Saint-Jacques travelled the world with his family, fostering his spirit of exploration, openness, curiosity and...

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  7. Meet Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

    3 years ago |3,033 views

    2014-05-13 - As a young boy growing up on a farm in Southern Ontario, Jeremy Hansen turned his tree house into a spaceship. At the age of...

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  8. LELR - Terrestrial prototype of a lunar rover

    3 years ago |752 views

    2014-03-28 - The largest and fastest of the CSA's fleet, this rover is a terrestrial prototype of a mobile Moon lab, but could be upgraded...

  9. No limits

    3 years ago |2,976 views

    2014-02-21 - From geology training in the Canadian high Arctic, to exploring ocean beds in submarines, and venturing into otherworldly caves,...

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  10. From Sky to Space

    3 years ago |6,081 views

    2013-12-17 - How do you prepare astronauts for the unknown? You put them in as many challenging situations as you can. On the 110th anniversary...

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