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  1. Dextre cleans up after a job well done!

    5 years ago |61 views

    2012-03-09 - On the third day of RRM operations, Dextre stowed the Multifunction tool and Wire-Cutting tool inside the RRM module for future...

  2. Dextre Releases the Launch Locks

    5 years ago |35 views

    2012-03-08 - Day 2 of the initial phase of the joint NASA-CSA Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) ended with a historic moment for Dextre, the...

  3. Dextre makes the cut: Wire Cutting task is a resounding success!

    5 years ago |11 views

    2012-03-08 - After completing operations with the Multifunction Tool, Canadarm2 repositioned Dextre to cut the first of two wires, each about...

  4. Dextre's Robotic Refueling Mission: Day 2

    5 years ago |209 views

    2012-03-08 - The second day of Dextre's most demanding mission wrapped up successfully on March 8 as the robotic handyman completed his three...

  5. Santa's Little Detour

    5 years ago |36 views

    2011-12-22 - Ever wonder how Santa makes it around the globe in a single night? This NASA animation finally reveals the secret magic that...

  6. Dextre's First Repair Job on the ISS

    6 years ago |6 views

    2011-08-30 - Highlights from Dextre's first repair job on the International Space Station in August 2011 when he swapped out a faulty circuit...

  7. Canadarm2 installs the RRM hardware

    6 years ago |192 views

    2011-07-21 - The crew of Mission STS-135 uses Canadarm2 to install the hardware for Dextre's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM).

  8. Dextre's final exam

    6 years ago |29 views

    2011-03-10 - Working from his perch on the end of Canadarm2, Dextre will close in on his target, unbolt the first circuit breaker and remove...

  9. The Team Behind Dextre

    6 years ago |86 views

    2011-03-10 - Leslie Sponder, Dextre Operations Engineer and Mission Planner.

    CC Transcript

  10. The Team Behind Dextre

    6 years ago |116 views

    (Video in French)

    2011-03-10 - Mathieu Caron, Flight Controller.

    CC Transcript


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