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  1. Jeremy Hansen discusses the impact of being an astronaut on his family life

    1 year ago |116 views

    2016-07-22 – Having an astronaut in the family can be very challenging. Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen talks about some of the pros...

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  2. David Saint-Jacques encourages you to apply for the astronaut position

    1 year ago |460 views

    2016-07-12 - Are you keen on adventure, exploration, teamwork and learning new things? David Saint-Jacques encourages you to apply to become...

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  3. Astronauts wanted – Episode 1: Launch of Canada's fourth astronaut recruitment campaign

    1 year ago |3,610 views

    2016-06-17 - For the fourth time in its history, Canada is looking for exceptional people to push the boundaries of science, innovation and...

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