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  1. Meet Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

    3 years ago |3,033 views

    2014-05-13 - As a young boy growing up on a farm in Southern Ontario, Jeremy Hansen turned his tree house into a spaceship. At the age of...

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  2. No limits

    3 years ago |2,976 views

    2014-02-21 - From geology training in the Canadian high Arctic, to exploring ocean beds in submarines, and venturing into otherworldly caves,...

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  3. From Sky to Space

    3 years ago |6,083 views

    2013-12-17 - How do you prepare astronauts for the unknown? You put them in as many challenging situations as you can. On the 110th anniversary...

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  4. CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen Explores Other-Worldly Caves

    4 years ago |1,370 views

    2013-11-14 - The caves are dark, dangerous and alien-like. The astronauts are wet, uncomfortable and dirty. All in the name of science! Canadian...

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  5. Jeremy Hansen soars on the Golden Hawk

    4 years ago |134 views

    2013-09-12 - On June 12, 2013, CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen had a chance to speak about Vintage Wing's Golden Hawk One F-86 Sabre, a restored...

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  6. Jeremy Hansen sets out for geology field training on Devon Island

    4 years ago |866 views

    2013-07-12 - CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen explains why astronauts perform geology field training in remote areas and describes his upcoming...

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  7. Transfer of Command Ceremony from Hadfield to Vinogradov

    4 years ago |36 views

    2013-05-12 - Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield transfers his title to long-time friend and colleague Pavel Vinogradov in this International...

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  8. Chris Hadfield and students from coast-to-coast fill the sky with music (excerpt)

    4 years ago |480 views

    2013-05-08 - For his last downlink before returning to Earth, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield performed I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) with hundreds...

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  9. Chris Hadfield to Speak Live from Space with 500 University of Waterloo Students

    4 years ago |71 views

    2013-02-15 - On February 15, 2013, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield took part in a live space to Earth connection with students...

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  10. Chris Hadfield Speaks with William Shatner live from space - Event Video

    4 years ago |658 views

    2013-02-07 - On February 7, 2013, the Canadian Space Agency hosted over 30 "space tweeps" at its headquarters for a unique tweetup event during...

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