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  1. Monitoring the ozone layer from space

    1 week ago |336 views

    2016-04-22 - Watch the evolution of the “ozone hole” above the South Pole over 15 years, thanks to OSIRIS data! These weekly measurements,...

  2. Using Space to Fight Cardiovascular Disease with Astronaut Tim Peake

    3 weeks ago |207 views

    2016-04-13 - Did you know that during a six-month space mission, an astronaut’s cardiovascular system can age by up to 10 or 20 years?


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  3. Canadarm2 will attach the First Expandable Module to the ISS

    3 weeks ago |259 views

    2016-04-08 - The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) will be launched to the ISS aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft on April 8,...

  4. TBone - Effects of Microgravity on Bones with Astronaut Tim Peake

    1 month ago |126 views

    2016-03-31 - ESA astronaut Tim Peake explains how the Canadian experiment TBone will study the effects of microgravity on bone health to benefit...

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  5. Studying the effects of ageing and immobility in space with Tim Peake

    1 month ago |242 views

    2016-03-18 - Astronauts on long-duration missions are at risk of many health problems related to accelerated ageing and immobility.

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  6. NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns to Earth after One-Year Mission

    2 months ago |21 views

    2016-03-03 - After spending 340 consecutive days in space, NASA

    astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth. Kelly landed safely in Kazakhstan...


  7. Gravitational Waves Explained by Astronaut David Saint-Jacques

    2 months ago |237 views

    2016-02-19 - What are gravitational waves?

    CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques explains the historic detection of gravitational...

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  8. Astronaut David Saint-Jacques explains the ASTRO-H mission

    2 months ago |143 views

    2016-02-17 - Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques explains how the ASTRO-H (Hitomi) space observatory will reveal the most...

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  9. The ASTRO-H space observatory: New insights into the hot universe

    2 months ago |277 views

    2016-02-12 - The Universe... it appears to be a vast, cold, quiet expanse of space. But is it? X-ray astronomy...

  10. DEXTRE watches the Super Bowl from the ISS

    2 months ago |18 views

    2016-02-07 – Dextre pays tribute to Super Bowl 50 by transforming into a referee.

    Learn more about Dextre, the ISS’s...


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