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Marc Garneau speaks to the press prior to mission STS-77

Oil spill near Camarthen Bay, Wales

Red River flooding

Crew of mission STS-100

Mission STS-100 Crew Walkout

Chris Hadfield prior to the launch of STS-100

Crew of mission STS-100

Canadarm2 – Images of a 10-Year History

Robotic handshake in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield on a mission STS-100 spacewalk

Lift-off of Endeavour on mission STS-100

Astronaut Chris Hadfield on a spacewalk, mission STS-100

Crew of mission STS-90 in microgravity

Astronaut Julie Payette receives training

Crews of mission STS-97 and the International Space Station



ANIK-B satellite

Astronaut Dave Williams enters the Newtsuit

X-ray of nitrogen bubble in knee joint

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