Image Gallery

Close-up View of the HTV

Preparing for Grapple

Inside the HTV

Installing the Active Rack Isolation System

CSA Astronaut Bob Thirsk Works Out on TVIS

An Onboard Fire Training Drill

CSA Astronaut Bob Thirsk and ESA Astronaut Frank De Winne

Work in the Harmony Node

Group Portrait

Inside the Destiny Laboratory

Canadarm2 in park position

Canadarm2 returns the Exposed Pallet to the HTV

Canadarm2 deftly handles the Exposed Pallet


Expedition 20 Portrait

Russian Soyuz TMA-16 nears the International Space Station

Guy Laliberté and Expedition 21 crewmembers board the International Space Station

Expedition 20/21 Crew Portrait

CSA Astronaut Bob Thirsk and Guy Laliberté

CSA Astronaut Bob Thirsk performs maintenance on the Marangoni Experiment in Space (MEIS)

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