Space Exploration

The Space Exploration (SE) committees support the planning, validation and updating of long-term roadmaps and program strategies for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) SE Branch.

SE encompasses the International Space Station (ISS), space astronomy, human space flight, robotic exploration of the solar system, and advanced exploration development. The SE committee members are experts in these fields.

The SE committees are as follows:

  • HSCC: Human Space Flight Consultation Committee
  • JCSA: Joint Committee on Space Astronomy (the CSA and the Canadian Astronomical Society)
  • PECC: Planetary Exploration Consultation Committee
  • STCC: Signature Technology Consultation Committee
  • JSECC: Joint Space Exploration Consultation Committee (Chairs of the above committees)

Membership consists of representative experts in each of the communities.

Space Utilization

The CSA is seeking candidates for three new space science advisory committees: Solar-Terrestrial Science Advisory Committee (STSAC), Atmospheric Science Advisory Committee (ASAC), and Earth System Science Advisory Committee (ESSAC). The committees will provide independent advice to the CSA on Space Utilization science priorities and provide feedback on CSA programs and initiatives.

Each science advisory committee concerns itself with one of the CSA's Sun-Earth System Science disciplines:

  • Solar-Terrestrial Science – the study of the Earth's space environment, how it is affected by the Sun, and its interaction with the Earth and its atmosphere;
  • Atmospheric Science – the study of the Earth's atmosphere, its chemical and physical processes, the effects that the Sun and other Earth systems have on the atmosphere, and the effects of the atmosphere on these other systems; and
  • Earth System Science – a multidisciplinary approach to studying Earth as a system. This approach involves studying the processes and interactions (cycles) among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, and geosphere.

The committees will complement other science advisory committees at the CSA and form the foundation of the CSA's science governance structure. We encourage science experts from academia, government, and industry to consider serving on the committees.

How to Apply