A typical balloon launch

Did you know? Fact number 1

The volume of the largest open stratospheric balloons used by CNES can be up to 1,200,000 m3.

Did you know? Fact number 2

The height of a deployed balloon, including the flight chain, is about 300 m, about half as tall as the CN Tower.

Did you know? Fact number 3

The envelope alone can be as high as a 35-floor building, or the height of the tower of Montreal's Olympic Stadium; and its diameter is equivalent to the size of 2 hockey rinks or 2 Airbus A-340s.

Did you know? Fact number 4

The area of the envelope, if deployed flat, is equivalent to approximately 8 soccer fields.

Did you know? Fact number 5

For more information on other types of balloons, visit the following website: www.cnes.fr/web/CNES-fr/8510-differents-types-de-ballons.php (French only).

The steps above describe the typical sequence of an open stratospheric balloon (BSO) flight. BSOs can, however, make short- or medium-duration flights. The length of the missions can also influenced by the type of balloon used and the weather conditions.

Image of a balloon flight