Management Action Plans Follow-Up - Annual Report as at March 31, 2010

Implementation summary

This follow-up report on the implementation of management action plans concludes the program evaluation and outlines the measures taken by the various entities concerned in response to findings and recommendations. As part of the follow-up process in effect, management action plans are to be reviewed annually until they are fully implemented, and the extent of implementation is to be assessed and reported to the Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC).

This annual report contains the follow-up findings as at March 31, 2010, for two evaluation projects for which reports and management action plans have been submitted to and approved by the Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC). The following charts give an overview of the implementation status of the management action plan elements.

The following pages set out in detail the progress of the action plans for each of the evaluation projects.

Formative evaluation of the CASSIOPE contribution program

Evaluation project objective

Under the terms and conditions of the program, Audit Services Canada conducted an evaluation halfway through the program. The evaluation objectives were to establish the relevance and rationale for the planning, design and management activities of the CASSIOPE contribution program and the progress achieved in terms of expected results.

Nature of recommendations

The evaluation report shed light on the lack of monitoring mechanisms required to ensure the commercial objectives of the mission are met. Audit Services Canada recommended various measures intended to ensure that the CSA has the means to increase the probability that MDA/CDS will repay the $63 million it received in government money.

Implementation status

All the recommendations have been carried out. The MDA/CDS business plan is updated regularly and telephone conferences are held every two weeks with Industry Canada (Technology Partnerships Canada) and industry (CDS) representatives to report on progress concerning the implementation of CDS' business plan and ensure the mission is commercially successful. When necessary, the Satellite Communications Applications and Frequency Spectrum Manager ensures that the required expertise is available to deal with MDA/CDS in a timely fashion and works closely with the CASSIOPE program management office and Technology Partnerships Canada.

Summative evaluation of the Class Grant and Contribution Program

Evaluation project objective

This evaluation was conducted in 2008 and was designed to assess the relevance, success and cost-effectiveness of the Class Grants and Contributions (G&C) Program.

Nature of recommendations

The evaluation report contained four recommendations for program improvement:

  1. Streamline program components,
  2. Broaden the scope of the HR component,
  3. Centralize program administration, and
  4. Improve accountability for results.

Implementation status

All four recommendations have been fully implemented.

Specifically, the new G&C program approved by Treasury Board on October 1, 2009, has been streamlined into two main components: "Research" and "Awareness and Learning".

The research component has been broadened to include all levels of students in various fields of space science and a program implementation framework has been developed that includes the creation of a G&C Centre of Expertise.

In addition, to improve accountability for results, a Performance Measurement Strategy for the G&C Program has been developed and approved by the G&C Steering Committee.