Canadian Space Agency's response to 2010-2011 MAF Assessment

CSA’s response to the 2010-2011 Management Accountability Framework Assessment

Results of the CSA’s 2010-2011 MAF Assessment

Results of the 2010–2011 MAF assessment provide a snapshot of the CSA performance in relation to a specific set of elements as of March 31, 2011. In 2010-2011, the CSA was evaluated on 11 of the 15 AoM. The ratings for the four other Areas of Management were taken from the previous MAF assessment exercise.

In general, the CSA’s management capacity and performance received a mitigated assessment. Thus, eight AoM met TB requirements, receiving an “Acceptable” or “Strong” rating, six AoM were rated “Opportunity for Improvement” and one AoM was rated “Attention Required.”

CSA’s response to strengthen its management practices

The CSA will continue to take appropriate actions to ensure that sound management practices are in place. For the 2011-2012 exercise, in addition to the designated management priorities in the Report on Plans and Priorities, the Agency will focus on improving the Areas of Management below:

  1. Effective Management of Security (AoM 8)

    The CSA has established and is managing a security program based on TB’s Policy on Government Security. This program is designed to ensure the coordination of all functions identified in the Policy on Government Security and the implementation of the policy’s requirements. The CSA continues to strengthen its capacity and improve its processes in Information Technology Security to remain in compliance with the Management of Information Technology Security (MITS) Operational Standard.

  2. Investment Planning and Project Management (AoM 15)

    The CSA continues to strengthen its investment planning through the development of a Project Management Methodology and its Investment Plan. The CSA has integrated the Project Complexity and Risk Assessment (PCRA) tool into the investment planning process and has reviewed the results of the Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessment (OPMCA) to identify further opportunities to strengthen project management across the organization.

  3. Managing for Results (AoM 2)

    The CSA will maintain clear measurable strategic results, and will review and validate them every year as part of the annual review of its Management, Resources and Results Structure (MRRS). The CSA will continue to improve its Performance Measurement Framework and to use its Program Activity Architecture (PAA) in the Departmental Performance Report.

  4. Effectiveness of Asset Management (AoM 14)

    The CSA will implement an integrated Investment Plan that will contain the necessary elements for an effective asset management framework that includes a governance structure, rules and guidance, integrated information, asset performance indicators and shared best practices, amongst other things.

The CSA has adopted a proactive approach to the Annual MAF Cycle, by designating officials and champions for each Area of Management, and by developing an action plan assigned during the annual planning process. In addition to the above‐indicated priorities, the action plan specifies a course of action for each management component that needs improvement to ensure that the CSA maintains its capacity to monitor and improve its management practices on an ongoing basis. The CSA is committed to continuing its work with the Treasury Board Secretariat to enhance the MAF as a management improvement tool.