Summary of the global exploration strategy

Astronauts and Robots Working Together. (Credit: NASA)

The number of countries involved in space exploration is growing steadily and we are entering a new era of historic significance, in which the human presence will be extended beyond Earth's orbit.

Nations have varying scientific, technological and societal objectives for their space activities and robust science and technology efforts, such as the pursuit of space exploration, help to define nations and their place in the world.

Recognising that space exploration is a challenge that no one nation can do on its own, fourteen international space agencies have come together to develop a framework that will focus and guide their collaboration on future space exploration missions.

The Global Exploration Strategy presents a vision for robotic and human space exploration, focusing on destinations within the solar system where we may one day live and work. It elaborates an action plan to share the strategies and efforts of individual nations so that all can achieve their exploration goals more effectively and safely.

Space exploration also offers significant entrepreneurial opportunities by creating a demand for new technologies and services. These advances will encourage economic expansion and the creation of new businesses.

Inspiring young people. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

The Global Exploration Strategy highlights the significant social, intellectual and economic benefits that will flow to people on Earth. We will learn about the evolution of the solar system and how to protect against harsh environments. By understanding how planets work, we learn more about our Earth. The technologies created will help build a more sustainable society.

One of the greatest legacies of space exploration is the role it plays in inspiring young people to think about what they want to achieve in their lives. Space exploration programmes also provide a wealth of new information for educators in all disciplines, making lessons more exciting and intriguing for their students.

Finally, this new era of space exploration will strengthen international partnerships through the sharing of challenging and peaceful goals.

For more information, please read the Global Space Exploration Strategy: