Canadian Provinces & Territories

Canadian Provinces & Territories are entitled to receive 2000 RADARSAT-2 scenes in total, allocated as per Error! Reference source not found. table below without restriction on the beam modes ordered. This corresponds to one complete coverage of their province or territory in Standard beam single polarization mode. CPT-allocation could be a good opportunity for Provinces & Territories to serve their operational needs.

Provinces / Territories # of Scenes allowed
British Columbia 194
Alberta 122
Saskatchewan 118
Manitoba 122
Ontario 184
Quebec 284
Prince Edward Island 3
Nova Scotia 15
New Brunswick 15
Newfoundland & Labrador 89
Yukon 107
Northwest Territories 320
Nunavut 427
Total 2000

The RADARSAT-2 data provided here comes along with a Government User RADARSAT-2 End User License Agreement.

The orderings of RADARSAT-2 data will be made by the point of contact identified (only one per province/territory) throughout their own account (ex.: CPT-Saskatchewan).

For more information on RADARSAT-2 data for CPT, please contact:

Steve Iris
Canadian Space Agency
6767 Route de l'Aéroport
Saint-Hubert (Québec) J3Y 8Y9
Phone: 450-926-6554
Fax: 450-926-4613