Joint Projects For Canadian Provinces & Territories

A joint project is defined here as a cooperation for a specific work between the GoC (Government of Canada) and a non-GoC sharing partner (like CPT) in order to fulfill a GoC mandate.

In the context of a joint project, a GoC federal department would share its acquired RADARSAT-2 data to its CPT partner involved in the project. The data provided is at no cost to CPT and comes along with a Single User RADARSAT-2 End User License Agreement.

For instance Public Safety Canada has shared its RADARSAT-2 data acquired over Red River with the Manitoba Department of Natural Resources, both involved in a flooding monitoring project.

For more information on RADARSAT-2 data for CPT, please contact:

Steve Iris
Canadian Space Agency
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Saint-Hubert (Québec) J3Y 8Y9
Phone: 450-926-6554
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