Winners of the contest

12 Winners

The Canadian Space Agency proceeded with a draw amongst the 39 Canadians who suggested the winning snacks to select one winner per item. The following 12 winners will receive Expedition 34/35 memorabilia and a signed photo of astronaut Chris Hadfield:

  • Sean, from Egmon in British Columbia, proposed the SeaChange Seafoods tdb. Candied Wild Smoked Salmon;
  • Erin, from Oyama in British Columbia, proposed the SeaChange Savouries Smoked Salmon Pate;
  • Jeff, from Edmonton in Alberta, proposed the Trails End Cranberry Craze Buffalo Stix;
  • Riley, from Abbotsford in British Columbia, proposed the Hapi Foods Groups inc. cereals;
  • Louise, from Saint-Bruno in Quebec, proposed the Profitapom dried apple chunks;
  • Dan, from Surrey in British Columbia, proposed Sun Rype Products Ltd. fruit bars;
  • Lauren, from Montreal in Quebec, proposed the Biscuit Leclerc orange zest with green tea cookies;
  • Karen, from Toronto in Ontario, proposed the L.B. Maple Treat Inc. maple syrup cookies;
  • Mireille, from Whistler in British Columbia proposed the Whistler Chocolate;
  • Michael, from Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island, proposed the Island Abbey Foods Ltd. honey drops;
  • Barry, from Regina in Saskatchewan, proposed chocolate bar; and,
  • Emiee, from Kitchener in Ontario, proposed maple syrup.

In addition to sharing their preferred snacks, a few participants expressed wishes to Chris:

  • Lauren from Quebec: "They (cookies) are also in the shape of a heart, which of course represents the pride Canadians will have as Chris Hadfield will be the first Canadian Commander of the ISS!"
  • Marc from Ontario: "Keep making us proud, Mr. Hadfield!"
  • Martin from Quebec:" Good luck Mr. Hadfield! Looking forward for your launch and I'll be watching every bit of it!"

Food in space

Provisions delivered to the ISS needs to meet a number of criteria, to ensure that it is safe for astronauts to consume while on orbit. There are limited refrigeration capabilities on the ISS therefore food needs to have a shelf-life of at least one year. Commercially available products have undergone shelf-life testing and food processing facilities use various safety and quality assurance programs to ensure commercially available items are safe for consumption.

Common trade names provided by Canadians for this contest are for the purpose of product identification only. No endorsement of any product in particular is implied.