International Space Station Quiz

1) Canada's International Space Station (ISS) partners are

  •  a. The United States and Russia
  •  b. The United States, Russia and Europe
  •  c. The United States, Russia, Europe and Japan

2) A key Canadian contribution to ISS, Dextre, is

  •  a. A sophisticated dual-armed robot and the station's "handyman"
  •  b. A mobile base system used by astronauts during spacewalks
  •  c. A 17-metre robotic arm used for construction and operations

3) What is the ISS's approximate altitude, and is it visible from Earth?

  •  a.370–460 km; yes
  •  b. 1,250-1,790 km; yes
  •  c. 2,990 km–3,900 km; no

4) Who will be the first Canadian Commander of ISS?

  •  a. Julie Payette
  •  b. Robert Thirsk
  •  c. Chris Hadfield

5) How fast does ISS orbit the Earth?

  •  a. Approx. 60 km/h, or one complete orbit per day
  •  b. Approx. 6,000 km/h, or 8 complete orbits per day
  •  c. Approx. 28,000 km/h, or 16 complete orbits per day