Expedition 34/35 Quiz

1) As part of Expedition 34/35, how long will Chris Hadfield spend on board the International Space Station (ISS)?

  •  a. 6 days
  •  b. 6 weeks
  •  c. 6 months

2) Including Chris, how many astronauts will travel to ISS aboard the Soyuz TMA-M capsule?

  •  a. 1
  •  b. 2
  •  c. 3

3) The Soyuz TMA-M capsule that will take the astronauts to the ISS is manufactured in Russia and launched in

  •  a. Canada
  •  b. Kazakhstan
  •  c. The United States

4) Why are there three stars depicted on Chris Hadfield's Expedition 34/35 crest?

  •  a. To represent Chris Hadfield's three times in space and his three children
  •  b. To represent the three astronauts who will travel to the ISS
  •  c. To represent the three participating nations

5) Which of the following will Chris Hadfield not do as part of Expedition 34/35?

  •  a. Operate Canadarm2
  •  b. Perform scientific experiments
  •  c. Feed the ISS's space pets