Chris Hadfield's Profile - Official Flying Kit

During Expedition 34/35, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield brings with him a number of items in recognition of the work and dedication of Canadian organizations that are of particular significance to him and the Canadian Space Program. They illustrate the depth and breadth of Hadfield's diverse interests and accomplishments, and also showcase the work of organizations that focus on the advancement of science, technology and the general health and well-being of Canadians.


Movember Flies High

Hadfield has sported a "Mo" or moustache throughout most of his career and is a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. (Credit: NASA)

Movember is an organisation that raises awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourages men to take responsibility for their health. (Credit: Movember Canada)

At any given time, over 100 science and medical experiments take place aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Many of these experiments lead to a better understanding of the human body. To highlight the breakthrough science being conducted on this orbiting laboratory, Chris Hadfield will fly a Movember patch with him to the Space Station for Expedition 34/35.

Hadfield and his crew members will conduct several experiments on board the orbiting laboratory covering subjects related to the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, bone loss and radiation exposure in space. Results from these experiments will be applicable to the health and well-being of future astronauts as well as those of us on Earth. For instance, the Canadian Vascular experiment will not only study the impact of long-duration flight on astronauts' blood vessels, but will also provide insights into how bed-ridden patients on Earth are affected by cardiovascular disease. The portable device Microflow will provide rapid analysis of blood samples, detecting infections or signs of cancers that could be present. This technology is of use to anyone working in a remote area who is without access to a medical facility, whether in space or on Earth.

To minimize the health risks associated with human spaceflight, Hadfield will need to exercise two hours a day and eat a properly balanced diet during his mission, highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle in space as on Earth. Movember is an organisation that raises awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourages men to take responsibility for their health. Hadfield has sported a "Mo" or moustache throughout most of his career and is a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.

One Drop Foundation

With a mission to fight poverty by improving access to drinking water, the One Drop Foundation is a non-profit organization working to preserve this precious resource for current and future generations throughout the world. One Drop has taken their efforts to the ISS and Hadfield is proud to support their mandate.

Governor General Eduzone's Eddy

Eduzone is an online tool designed for teachers, educators and students across Canada. It provides educational resources to learn more about the Governor General's role and the history of this position. Hadfield is happy to bring Eddy, Eduzone's mascot, to the ISS with him so they can explore space together. More:


Headquartered in Ottawa, the Canadian spaceflight engineering company Neptec Design Group Ltd. specializes in the development, production, integration, operation and support of intelligent spaceflight sensors, payloads, instruments and equipment. With the support of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Neptec built the Advanced Space Vision System and also the Laser Camera System that attached itself to the Canadarm to scan for any potential damage to the undersides of National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) space shuttles. More recently, Neptec, with funding from the CSA, developed a lunar rover prototype with the ability to drill into soil and locate water

Vintage Wings

This organization celebrates the history and pioneers of Vintage Aircraft. As a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot and astronaut, and belonging to a family steeped in Canadian aviation experience, Chris Hadfield is excited to bring the Vintage Wings patch with him to the ISS.

Royal Military College (RMC) Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the heraldic symbol of the RMC, headquartered in Kingston, Ontario. Chris Hadfield received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (with honours) from this esteemed institution.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Like many Canadians, hockey is the sport of choice for Chris Hadfield. Raised in south-western Ontario, it was natural for the Toronto Maple Leafs to be Hadfield's favourite team. 

Vancouver Canucks

To represent Western Canada, Hadfield will also bring a Canucks patch to the Station with him.

Own the Podium

This initiative was created to help Canadian sports talent achieve sustainable podium performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As someone who has spent years training for his missions, Chris appreciates the hard work and dedication that Olympians exert to achieve excellence in their respective sports.

820 Chris Hadfield Squadron, Milton Air Cadets

Hadfield was raised in Milton, Ontario and learned to fly with the Milton Air Cadets. In recognition to the squadron's influence on his career that now bears his name, Hadfield is flying a patch in the hopes to inspire the former and current cadets to realize their dreams.

Sarnia Air Cadets

Hadfield was born in Sarnia, Ontario, and though raised in Milton, wants to acknowledge the Air Cadets of Sarnia for their dedication and passion for flying.

The Royal Canadian Geographic Society

Since its inception in 1929, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society has had the mandate of Making Canada better known to Canadians and to the world. Chiefly through its magazine, the Royal Canadian Geographic, this organization has shown the world the best that Canada has to offer.

Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay Medal

During Rick Hansen's 25th Anniversary Relay - a recreation of Hansen's original Man in Motion Tour - this medal traveled 12,000 kilometres across Canada. The relay served to bring attention and funds to spinal cord injury research and encouraged its participants and supporters to be difference makers.

Hadfield is proud to bring this medal one step further – past the boundaries of the Earth's atmosphere and to the ISS.  

Montreal Planetarium

Since 1966, the Montreal Planetarium engaged the public with multimedia shows about astronomy and space exploration that served to both inspire and awe. On October 10, 2011 they closed their doors, but will be reopened as a new planetarium, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, which will be open in the spring of 2013.

The CSA and Chris Hadfield are eager to recognize the decades of engagement with the public that the Planetarium conducted and wish them the best in their new incarnation.

JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards is Canada's most established music celebration. The 2013 show will be their 42nd. Being a musician himself, Hadfield has a special appreciation for Canadian music talent.

Aerospace Industry Association of Canada (AIAC)

The AIAC is a consensus builder and provides leadership on issues pertaining to Canada's aerospace industry. It also serves to draw attention to Canada's aerospace achievements on the world stage and promotes Canadian aerospace companies to foreign markets. The CSA is an advocate of all that the AIAC has achieved and continues to achieve.

University of Waterloo – Alma Mater

The University of Waterloo is lauded internationally for its innovation and research, and is a world-leading institution in the areas of science and engineering. It was also a natural fit for Chris Hadfield, who, seeking to build upon his post-secondary education, conducted research there in 1982. 

Other items:

Air Cadet League of Canada (patch and flag)

As a former air cadet himself, Hadfield relishes the opportunity to bring a flag and patch into orbit that represents an organization that paved the way for his career as a pilot, and instilled in him the traits of leadership and persistence that have aided him as an astronaut.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (sticker)

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada strives to educate the Canadian public about astronomy, and ultimately foster in anyone interested a passion for the stars. Officially incorporated in 1903, it has centres all across Canada and offers powerful resources for anyone who wants to successfully navigate the night sky.