CaNoRock: Canadian Students Learn to Launch Rockets

Longueuil, Quebec, February 9, 2011 - Following a weeklong intensive learning program during which they participated in a daily series of lectures, hands on design and technology development and rocket or balloon launch simulations at Andøya Rocket Range in Norway, 11 Canadian students joined their peers from Norway to successfully launch the third sounding rocket of the Canada-Norway Student Rocket Programme (CaNoRock) project – a partnership between the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Saskatchewan, the University of Oslo and the Andøya Rocket Range in Norway.

The CaNoRock Student Sounding Rocket Collaboration delivers an exceptional discovery and learning experience to Canadian undergraduate students using practical, hands-on instruction in experimental space science using student-built experiments on sounding rockets.

As a result of contributions from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the University of Alberta, infrastructure to support the development of a dedicated lab for undergraduate students, such that they will learn to develop their own payloads, is underway at the University of Alberta. The lab will be made available to students at the three participating Canadian institutions. Moreover, the participating professors from each institution have committed to integrate a CaNoRock component into a relevant course.

Over the next two years of the program, CaNoRock participants will have attended credited courses relevant to the program, designed and tested their respective payloads and will have the opportunity to learn how to integrate, launch, monitor and analyze both rocket launch data as well as data from their experiments.

The objective of this program is to use rocket activities as a highly visible talent magnet to attract students, to enhance space related discovery learning through practical hands-on instruction, and to create an exceptional learning experience and environment. Ultimately, CaNoRock will attract undergraduate students and bridge them into space related graduate study or the aerospace industry.

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