Careers, jobs and internships in the space sector

Careers, jobs and internships at the Canadian Space Agency and grants for universities and industry.


Jobs at the Canadian Space Agency

Apply for a job at the Canadian Space Agency on the Public Service Commission of Canada website.

Internships and student jobs

Information about internships and student jobs at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and in the space sector.

10 tips on how to pursue a career in the space sector

Practical tips for people who dream of working in the space sector.

Types of careers in the space sector

Descriptions of the different jobs and career paths in the space sector.

Humans of the CSA

Profiles of some of the fantastic people who work at the Canadian Space Agency.

Grants for universities and industry

Grant and contribution program to support research, awareness and learning in space science and technology.

Canadian space directory

Descriptions and contact information of the organizations involved in Canada's space sector.

How to become an astronaut

Requirements and conditions of employment, the selection process and the history of the Canadian astronaut corps.

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