Can I see the Space Station from my back yard?

The International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station (ISS). (Credit: NASA)

The International Space Station shoots over Toronto

The ISS shoots over Torontoin this time-lapse photo taken by Andrew Yee on February 13, 2013. (Credit: Andrew Yee)

Yes. Using the ISS Tracker at NASA's Sighting Opportunities System you'll be able to see if the ISS is over your country. You'll also be able to see the dates and times of when the Space Station will be visible in the sky.

For those of you who might be too busy to frequently check up on the location of the ISS, you can sign up for alerts as to when the Station is visible in your sky. Visit NASA's Spot the Station to receive emails or texts that will notify you of good viewing opportunities. If you're a Twitter user, follow @twisst, an account that provides a similar service.

You can also find out about sighting opportunities from your town or city by visiting: Heavens Above. You simply have to search for your location in their database of over 2 million locations world-wide.

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