State of the Canadian Space Sector

General (Retired) Walter Natynczyk, President (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

As President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), I am honored to present the State of the Canadian Space Sector Report, conveying the 2012 national survey results. This annual assessment of the health of the Canadian space sector provides policy-makers and stakeholders alike with the information needed to monitor trends and make fact-based decisions about our future directions.

Canada's space workforce has increased since the last reporting period, gaining nearly 500 positions across the country. As well, 2012 marked several interesting developments and projects including, for example, our renewed commitment to the International Space Station until at least 2020, an exciting new opportunity for scientists and engineers to test payloads using stratospheric balloons, and a successful collaboration with NASA aboard the Mars Science Laboratory mission.

The results also show, however, that the space sector faced some challenges last year, as revenues were down on both the domestic and export domains. The decline in revenue was felt in numerous areas of activity, as well as across the respective regions surveyed. Overall, space sector revenues decreased nearly 4.5% between 2011 and 2012.

The results from the 2012 survey reveal a competitive and challenging landscape, but Canada's space actors have demonstrated time and time again that they are resilient, innovative, and ultimately successful. The CSA is committed to Canada's space industry and academic community; we are dedicated to providing the groundwork for our country's space sector to excel. In this regard, 2012 was also marked by the completion of the Government of Canada's mandated Aerospace and Space Review, otherwise known as the "Emerson Report." The report made several important observations and recommendations to enhance the space sector, which are under consideration at this time.

The information contained in this publication is made possible entirely by the generous collaboration and input of our partners, members of the Canadian space industry and academia. Thank you all who have taken the time to provide us with the data needed to perform this study.

General (Retired) Walter Natynczyk
Canadian Space Agency President

State of the Canadian Space Sector

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