External Relations Directorate


The External Relations Directorate manages the strategic relationships between the Canadian Space Agency and its domestic and international partners. Key mandates include the development and implementation of policies and strategies relating to cooperation partnerships with domestic stakeholders (federal and provincial governments, industry and academia) and international agencies and industries, as well as support to the commercial initiatives of Canadian space companies on world markets. In connection with the latter, the Directorate provides strategic and timely information to industry and other stakeholders.


Key on-going projects of the External Relations Directorate include:

  • Annual  Canadian International Business Strategy (Space Sector)
  • Annual International Marketing Plan
  • Annual Global Space Sector Market Trends
  • Daily space news briefs
  • Annual State of the Canadian Space Sector
  • Directory of the Canadian Space Sector
  • Strategies and plans for international and domestic partnerships
  • On-going support to commercial initiatives of industry on world markets
  • Regional distribution of CSA contracts