Jamie Sevigny - Engineer, Project Management

Jamie Sevigny

When teaching astronauts to operate Canadarm2, I had to know my stuff inside and out. Being a younger woman in that environment sometimes made it hard to tell an astronaut, who's proven himself technically and all, to go back and try again or that I was going to show him how to improve on something. I knew that I had to know my stuff because if I was going to challenge one of those people, I'd better have a darn good reason and solid arguments.

Teaching astronauts is not a purely technical job. Yeah, you need to be able to understand the engineering, understand how the system's wired, understand what the impact down the line is if something goes wrong. But soft skills are critical.

Jamie Sevigny

Jamie is an electrical engineer who has trained countless astronauts in her capacity of Robotics Instructor. Five years ago, she shifted to project management and works on developing the ground segment for the RADARSAT Constellation Mission. She's a mother of three. For many years, including two as its President, she has been actively involved with the Board of the Centre de la petite enfance La Voie lactée, the CSA's daycare in the workplace.

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