Science, Technology and Expertise development in academia

The Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) funding initiative aims to support Canadian university research projects that offer hands-on experience in space-like missions to Canadian highly qualified people, specifically students and young researchers (post-doctoral fellows) needed in the marketplace.

Space data utilization

Earth observation data and imagery utilization

These programs support and promote the development and use of Earth observation technologies and applications.

The Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP) aims to promote the development of applications by the Canadian private sector that will maximize the utilization of Earth observation data generated by CSA-supported missions.

The Government Related Initiatives Program (GRIP) focuses on developing government capacity to use space-based land, ocean, and atmospheric observation systems and services.

Science and Operational Applications Research (SOAR) offers Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions support for the training and development of highly qualified people in the field of applications using RADARSAT-2 data.

Scientific Data Utilization

This Program develops the utilization and validates the quality of Canadian and foreign space-based scientific data and derived information that address science questions, such as those related to our understanding of the Earth's climate system and magnetic field (magnetosphere). Examples of research and initiatives supported by this program include:

Space exploration

Science Definition Studies support new science investigations to advance promising and innovative ideas as potential contributions to future space exploration missions.

Research and development

The Space Technology Development Program (STDP) provides initial funds to support the development of breakthrough technologies and to enhance the competitiveness and capabilities of the Canadian space industry.

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