Living in Space Exhibition (At the Canada Aviation and Space Museum)

Living in Space

Be part of the adventure and learn how to adapt to the rigours of daily life in space for months at a time on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Discover how astronauts in the weightless environment work, entertain themselves and tackle such basics as personal hygiene, eating and sleeping among the stars.

Become inspired by the engineering of this space station that sustains life and Canadian scientific experiments that reap a myriad of benefits.

This modular, highly interactive exhibition incorporates multimedia with various objects, replicas and components used daily by astronauts during a typical mission to present the technical, psychological and physical challenges of life in space.

Experience the extreme conditions on board the ISS—an incredible ecosystem in itself. So, are you up for the challenge?

Living in Space is a bilingual interactive exhibition that explores the challenges of daily life in space. The exhibition is on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

It provides a novel opportunity for visitors to discover how astronauts work, entertain themselves and tackle basic tasks like eating, sleeping and personal hygiene in a weightless environment.

This exhibition offers an immersive learning environment that is designed to inspire and ignite an interest among Canadian youth in the sciences, engineering and technology.

Highlights of Living in Space include a robotics simulator, an electronic touch table, and a collection of unique space artefacts contributed by our Canadian astronauts.

  • The robotics simulator is a simplified version of the training simulator astronauts use to practice operations with robots in space like Canadarm2. Visitors will have the opportunity to perform their own space robotics operations and understand the complexity behind "cosmic catches."
  • With the help of the touch table, visitors will learn and experience important aspects of mealtime in a simulated microgravity environment as they become familiar with the intriguing restrictions and challenges associated with eating in space.
  • One of the unique pieces included in Living in Space is the "space guitar." Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield brought it aboard the MIR Space Station in 1995 as a gift to the Russian Cosmonauts.

Canadarm Exhibit

Although not part of the Living in Space exhibition, don't miss the Canadarm exhibit also at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

For more information about the Canadarm, please visit the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Canadarm Web page.

The Canadarm is on permanent display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (video). (Credit: CSA/NASA)

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Videos of Living in Space Exhibition

In this brief video, former Canadian Space Agency astronaut (CSA) Chris Hadfield introduces the visitor to the CSA's Living in Space exhibition.

Chris Hadfield
Images: robotics simulator/touch table/space guitar

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about his favourite space guitar on display at the exhibit (video).