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Neptune and Uranus are very much alike; they are both large gas planets that look like big blue-green balls in the sky. Nearly 4.5 billion (B) kilometres (km) from the Sun, Neptune orbits the sun once in 165 years. Interestingly, due to Pluto’s unusual elliptical orbit, Neptune is actually the furthermost planet from the Sun every 248 Earth years.


Seasons on Neptune last 40 years. Like Uranus, during the summer, one of the poles is in constant sunlight while the other is in perpetual darkness.

Températures froides

Neptune has eight known moons. Triton, the largest moon, orbits Neptune in a direction opposite to the planet’s rotation direction. Triton is the coldest body yet visited in our solar system with temperatures of about -235° C.

How heavy would you be on Neptune?


If you weigh 34 kilograms (kg) (75 pounds (lb.)) you would weigh 38 kg (84 lb.) on Neptune. To calculate your weight, all you have to do is multiply your weight (kg or lb.) by 1,125.

How old would you be on Neptune?

Gâteau d'anniversaire

If you are 10 years old this year, you would be 6383 days old or not even one year old on Neptune!