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Mars, the red planet, is the most Earth-like of all the planets; it too has polar ice caps that grow and recede with the change of the seasons. It also has markings that appear to be similar to water channels on Earth.

Sol martien

The Martian soil is composed mostly of clay rich in iron. The oxidation of the Martian soil causes the reddish coloration of the planet. The process described above is that of rusting. So Mars is like a car. When a car has been exposed to the elements (rain, air, winter’s salty streets et cetera (etc.).) its body begins to rust, and that’s what happened to Mars. Imagine a rusty planet in our solar system!

Températures froides

The temperature on Mars can be very, very cold. On one of its best summer days, temperatures can reach 20° C in certain areas; however, colder temperatures are more common with night-time temperatures of 140° C below zero.

How heavy would you be on Mars?


If you weigh 34 kilograms (kg) (75 pounds (lb.)) you would weigh 12 kg (28 lb.) on Mars. To calculate your weight, all you have to do is multiply your weight (kg or lb.) by 0.38.

How old would you be on Mars?

Gâteau d'anniversaire

If you are 10 years old this year you would be 6 years old on Mars.