The International Space Station

Day 3 - December 2

Space Project 2000 - Day 3 - The International Space Station

Today, as both the International Space Station (ISS) and Space Shuttle fly over Russia, Endeavour will dock with the ISS. During docking, using a computer programmed laser pointer, Marc Garneau will determine the Shuttle's position in relation to the Station as well as find out at what rate the two are closing on one another. Once the Shuttle is docked, Marc will remove, using Canadarm, the structure to which the solar arrays were installed before the launch (the P6 truss). He will then move this structure, which measures 14 metres (m) long and weighs 16 000 kilograms (kg), to its permanent location a couple of centimetres (cm) from the Station. P6, which Marc just moved, connects to another section of the Station, called Z1. Ouch! It's like building a large cosmic puzzle!

Info! Did you know that the ISS is as big as a football field?

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