Spaceship Earth

Day 11 - Decmeber 10

Space Project 2000 - Day 11 - Spaceship Earth

Today the crew cleans up and goes through the last preparations for the landing scheduled for tomorrow evening, December 11. So you see, even astronauts have to clean up!

To return to Earth, the Shuttle spins head over tail an hour before landing. Thirty minutes (min) later the Shuttle loses altitude and enters the atmosphere belly first. The astronauts feel two to three times their weight on Earth (a pencil would feel three times heavier). Because of drag (air friction), the ceramic tiles which cover the bottom of the Shuttle heat up and turn red without burning (so they can be reused). The Shuttle is not a glider so it falls faster than a regular plane would. It slows down by spinning and finally lands, more softly than a plane, on the track.

Questions / Answers

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How far from the Earth is the Space Station?

Answer :

400 kilometres (km).