Solar Energy

Day 1 - November 30

Space Project 2000 - Day 1 - Solar Energy

At 10:06 EST tonight, Canadian Space Agency CSA Astronaut Marc Garneau takes off on a remarkable 12-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). On this flight Marc Garneau is flight engineer, therefore he will need to be on his guard during take-off. "It's as though I were an engineer aboard a large passenger plane. This means that I have to know every system on the Shuttle, maybe solve some problems and help the crew keep on schedule." At 40 000 Kilometres per hour (km/h) if there is going to be a problem you have to think fast!

The purpose of the mission is to install the first set of solar arrays, which will provide energy to the International Space Station (ISS).

Questions / Answers

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Mission: Sun Contest

Question :

What is solar energy?

Answer :

It's the combination of the light and heat produced by the Sun. Heat and light are a combination of electric and magnetic waves, which move forward in the vacuum until they encounter an obstacle, such as the Earth, a tree or a leaf, which then absorbs or reflects them.