Planet Interiors

Planet Interiors

Button controls

Help button
Help button: This button will open a window with help information.
Close button
Planet images:
  • Clicking on the images of the planets will display information windows containing additional graphics depicting the interiors of the planets
  • The windows themselves are dragable by clicking in the title area
  • Use the "X" button to close out the windows
Reset button
Reset: This button will reset the applet, returning the planets to their orginal state.

Using the applet

This applet has been designed to help students visualize the structure and composition of the planets. Students can click on the various planets to display an information box which shows a cut-away image of the planet. Students can then drag the information window to place it adjacent to any of the other planets' windows for comparision and contrast.

Despite not being to scale, the images and diagrams still allow students to compare planetary structure and composition.

Use the "Reset" button to return the information windows to their original place.

Download the Flash Applet