The Life Cycle of a Star

The Life Cycle of a Star

Button controls

Help button
Help button: This button will open a window with help information.
Toggle controls
Toggle controls: This button will add constellation lines to the stars depicted.
Command buttons
Reset button
Reset: reload the applet and reset the parameters.
Rewind button
Rewind: press and hold to advance the applet in reverse.
Pause button
Pause: temporarily stop the action in the applet.
Play button
Play: begin or resume the action in the applet.
Fast forward button
Fast Forward: press and hold to advance the applet.
End button
End: advance the applet to its end.
Speed button
Speed: click to select the number and input a higher number to increase the speed of the rewind and fast forward buttons.
Slider bar
Slider bar: shows the progression through the animation.
Drag controller
Drag controller: click and drag over this symbol to reposition the controller buttons within the applet frame.
Toggle controls
Collapse button: click this button to collapse controller button.

Using the applet

This applet has been designed to help students gain a better understanding of the life cyle of a star.

The cartoon character, Stellar Sam, guides students through the various stages in the lifecycle of stars using an example of a star similar to the Sun, as well as a much more massive star.

Using the standard controller buttons, students can watch the progression of the life cylce animations, reading along with the text in Sam's speech bubbles.

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