Lesson 6: Illustrate the Constellations


This lesson will require approximately three 30-minute periods:

  • one for research
  • two for illustration


Communicate procedures and results, using lists, notes in point form, sentences, charts, graphs, drawings, and oral language (e.g., write a postcard describing your holiday on a planet other than Earth and include in the description the key characteristics of that planet)
Identify constellations in the night sky

General Objectives

Through research and illustration of the ancient Greek heroes immortalized in the constellations, the students will reinforce their understanding of the northern constellations.

Curricular Connections

Visual Arts

  • illustration

Social Studies

  • Ancient Greek mythology

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, which should follow lessons on the constellations, the students will choose three constellations in either the summer or winter sky to illustrate.

Materials and Resources

  • drawing paper
  • pencils
  • coloured pencils
  • research materials (books, magazines, websites) on Greek mythological heroes


  • constellations
  • asterisms

Developing the Lesson

Referring to the previous lessons on the summer and winter constellations, instruct students to choose three constellations to "flesh out."

Once students have chosen their constellations, they should research their choices, finding pictures of the mythological heroes depicted in the constellations, and drawing their own interpretations of these while including the stars and the asterisms that compose the constellations' forms.


Distribute star charts to the students, and have them circle their chosen constellations. These should be included with the students' illustrations for evaluation.


Assess students' care, neatness, uniqueness, and accuracy in their illustrations.