Radio Frequency Qualification Facilities

The David Florida Laboratory's (DFL) Radio Frequency Qualification Facilities (RFQF) consist of -

  • the Antenna Test Facilities
  • an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Facility
  • a Passive Intermodulation (PIM) / Multipaction Facility.

The Antenna Test Facilities comprise the Antenna Test Facility 1 (6x6), Antenna Test Facility 2 (12x12), Cylindrical Near-Field Facility, Spherical Near-Field Facility and the Rooftop Antenna Range. Spherical and cylindrical near-field radiation patterns are acquired indoors and with subsequent data processing, far-field antenna characteristics are derived.

The EMC and PIM / Multipaction Facilities provide a means of evaluating emissions, susceptibility PIM and multipaction characteristics of spacecraft components and subsystems.

All of the RFQF's measurement computers are networked. In-house developed data acquisition and instrument control software is maintained for the analyzers/receivers and positioner controllers.