Mandate of the David Florida Laboratory

Space is important both to Canada's transition to a knowledge-based economy and to the Government of Canada's social, scientific, sovereignty, security, and foreign policy objectives. As an integral part of the Canadian Space Agency and a vital component of Canada's space infrastructure, the David Florida Laboratory (DFL) makes a concrete contribution to many of these objectives.

The mandate of the David Florida Laboratory is to:

  • provide ongoing support to meet the objectives of the Canadian Space Program through the qualification of flight hardware

  • provide environmental and radio frequency testing at the system and subsystem level to a range of domestic and off-shore clients on space-based and terrestrial programs on a fee-for-service basis

  • manage the ongoing schedule of test support to maximize the quality and integrity of the test environment, and minimize any risk to people, facilities, and the test article's safety

  • acquire and develop test technology to provide high value test services and facilities to effectively support the Canadian Space Program

  • provide a mechanism for the transfer to industry of appropriate environmental and radio frequency test technology

  • conduct, in conjunction with industry, marketing activities aimed at increasing opportunities for DFL use

  • ensure the cost-effective operation of the DFL by establishing usage priorities and procedures consistent with optimum use of the facilities. This includes the provision of test support for non-space-related work to achieve uniform facility loading.