David Florida Laboratory Facilities Overview

The David Florida Laboratory's (DFL) facilities offer a range of services such as thermal vacuum, thermal balance, vibration, modal, and radio frequency testing, as well as mass properties measurements to name but a few. The DFL is one of only a few facilities of its kind in the world that are capable of simulating the enormous stresses experienced during a rocket launch and the temperature extremes that are associated with space flight.

The DFL has:

  • two Class 100,000 clean rooms measuring 315 and 1,080 square metres
    (3,400 and 11,600 square feet), that are fully equipped for the integration and assembly of satellites and other space hardware

  • three space simulation chambers, the largest of which is 7 x 10 metres (deep)
    (22 x 35 feet) for performing thermal vacuum and thermal balance testing, and one small chamber for performing outgassing tests

  • a range of thermal, temperature humidity, and thermal passive intermodulation (PIM) chambers for performing various thermal and thermal PIM tests

  • a variety of modal, static load, mass properties, photogrammetry, and thermal vibration equipment that are available for qualifying the structural aspects of various test articles; the larger of the two electrodynamic shakers has a force rating of 178 kN (40 k lbf)

  • various anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and antenna ranges and associated radio frequency (RF) equipment for performing spherical, cylindrical, and planar near-field, far-field, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and PIM / multipaction testing on a variety of antennas and RF payloads.

The DFL also has ready access to a range of services offered by the Communications Research Centre which is located on the same site, and to the National Research Council of Canada's Acoustic Test Facility for simulating launch environment characteristics.

In addition to the main facilities of the DFL, the laboratory is well supported by an operational infrastructure in keeping with the broad scope of activities. This includes offices, conference rooms, storage areas, check-out rooms and in-house mechanical, electrical and electronic shops for custom design and device construction.