Research Opportunities related to Bed-Rest Studies and Isolation Studies 2013

Announcement of Opportunity

Publication date: October 29, 2013

Letter of Intent Application at European Space Agency (ESA) deadline: November 4, 2013

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) would like to inform the Life Sciences community of the release of two Announcements of Opportunity (AO) by the ESA:

  • Life Science Research Using the Spaceflight Analogue "Bed Rest" (AO-2013-BR)
  • Announcement of Opportunity for Medical, Physiological and Psychological Research Using Concordia Antarctic Station as Human Exploration Analogue (AO-13-Concordia)

The CSA is a member of ELIPS-4, the ESA program that funds life and physical sciences projects. The CSA's participation in this program allows Canadian investigators to submit proposals to the two ESA AO listed above. Note that Canadian applicants can participate with a group of researchers from Europe, and/or be part of a Canadian-only team.

Interested applicants should be aware that these ESA AO are not funding opportunities, but rather opportunities to participate in research campaigns organized either in a bed rest facility, or in a human exploration analogue in a remote Antarctic polar station. Researchers are responsible for obtaining their own funding for these research activities should their proposal be selected by ESA

Important dates:

  • due at ESA: November 4, 2013
  • Proposal workshop (at ESA/ESTEC, NL): November 11, 2013 (bed rest AO)
  • Proposal workshop (at ESA/ESTEC, NL): November 12, 2013 (Concordia AO)
  • Proposals due: January 6, 2014

Further information on the ESA Announcements of Opportunity and the application process can be found at: